​Sham Love Series: Escape - Stop That Wedding 

Synopsis: Witness a devastated woman's vengeful plot against her cruel ex fiance. Diana's close friend Tamil helps her relive and expose the turmoil of her heartbreak - but is Tamil helping Diana run from the law, or is she helping Diana run from her own shadows and demons, or what else could Tamil be up to against the very vulnerable Diana?

Blurry Dots

Sham Love - Anthology 2

Coming 2021!


Determined to get out of their perceived stagnant situations in life, two sisters hold nothing back as they battler over a long lingering family feud.

(This is a test shoot)


To make up for their lost years of romance, Michael and Candis both follow Steve Harvey's advise and think like men. Conflict, chaos and gender rivalry reign as they adventure towards their hopes in romance.


A lonely woman's search for love, and the men who only want to steal her divorce settlement.

(This is a test shoot)


Socrates helps his friend Howard sort out  problems with his wife  Carina. But will Socrates and Carina leave Howrd out of any resolution?


Lamentations of Romance gone wayward!

How did it happen?

Bruno, What Did I Do Wrong?


Self righteous indignation (I am entitled to revenge) fuels the three way battle between Amaka, Diana, and Bruno. But, 'revenge leads to another'. And so the cycle of vengeance rolls on like a tornado.

Who's standing after the tornado and who's out?

 Who is



Events take two bizarre turns at the same time. As dangerous presumptions tangle with viscous motives, unavoidable consequences set off a shattering chain reaction, defying even the most basic laws of nature. 


Can this woman hold her breath and breath at the same time? Can anyone do that? 

Meet Yolanda, the other woman!

"...Captivating and dangerous..."
- New Film Guide blog   
 "'s riveting, seriously..." "'s brilliant..."
"...I was engaged from the moment it began..."
"...fantastic climax..."
- Sneak preview feedback